Uprise Fest 2015

Uprise Fest Details
(Taken from Parent FAQ Found below)

  • Where are the students staying overnight: We will be staying on Friday night at Shippensburg First Church of God located at 5 N Prince St, Shippensburg, PA 17257. With Katie Tawney and Alissa McIntyre overseeing the girls and Chris Tawney and Pastor Andy Schultz looking after the boys.
  • How much does this event cost? The event costs $45. This includes the price of the ticket, overnight stay, and food for the event. Checks can be made to Christ Reformed Church at Indian Creek. (Financial assistance is available if needed).
  • What time and where do our students need to be there on Friday 9/18? Please arrive at Christ Reformed Church (171 Church Rd, Telford, PA 18969) at 3:45pm. If your child needs to be picked up elsewhere please contact us directly and we may be able to make something work.
  • What time will our students return to Christ Reformed Church? We will be leaving Shippensburg, PA between 11-11:30pm on Saturday night, which should place our arrival home between 1:30-2:00am, and we will have the students call their parents when we are nearing home.
  • What does my student need to bring?
    • Comfortable clothes and shoes for 2 days
    • Sleeping bag/air mattress
    • Pillow
    • Toiletries
      • There will be no shower facilities available so lots of deodorant is probably a great idea
  • Who is chaperoning this event?
    • Chris Tawney: Primary emergency contact (267-885-8289)
    • Katie Tawney (540-535-9155)
    • Alissa McIntyre Pastor
    • Andy Schultz (Cornerstone Community Church in Kensington) More chaperones will be added depending on the number of students attending.
  • The form is due on Tuesday but there’s no Youth Group?
    • Please text or email a photo of the signed registration form to Chris Tawney and then bring the hard copy and payment on Friday afternoon. If a student does not have the hard copy for with them they will not be able to participate in this event.
  • If I have anymore questions, who should I contact? Please call or text Chris Tawney at 267-885-8289 or email him at christawney@christreformedyouth.org.

Last year we had a great time at this awesome concert (check out our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/christreformedyouth)! This year is going to be even better with a larger lineup including some of the biggest names in Christian music! You can read more at http://uprisefest.com/. We are going for both days and staying overnight in Shippensburg (details of where we’re staying coming soon). The cost for this event is going to be $45 which will cover the cost of the students ticket, but included in the trip is food and lodging. The last day to sign up for this event is Sunday 9/13. Uprise Fest was one of our favorite events from last year and definitely something you don’t want to miss!

Cost: $45 (financial assistance is available)
FAQ for parents: Parent FAQ: Uprise Fest 2015
Permission Slip/Registration Form: Uprise Fest 2015 Permission Slip


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