Winter Retreat 2016

Winter Retreat 2016-01






Guest Speaker Timothy Brindle (click to read more) and worship leader Paul McIntyre (click to read more)

January 29-31 Christ Reformed Youth is going to Camp Haycock for a time focused on experiencing Christ in our lives through powerful worship, encouraging small groups, and challenging messages. And in case you were worried, it’ll also be a lot of fun! Last year we had an awesome time and soon I’ll be posting some pictures from last year so you can see all the fun! The retreat begins at 6pm at Christ Reformed Church and we will be back to church at 12:15pm on Sunday. It is going to be an awesome weekend, and we’re looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us!

When? Please arrive at CRC at 6:00pm Friday, January 29, 2016. We will be returning to CRC at 12:15pm on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cost: $50 (Deadline to sign up at the cost of $50 is January, 17th.)

(A note about cost, we work really hard to keep the costs of this event down, and the church is absorbing much of the cost, which is a huge blessing, but in case of financial hardship, scholarships are available).

FAQ for Parents: FAQ about Christ Reformed Youth’s Winter Retreat 2016

What each student should bring (labeled with your name):

______Registration form & Permission Slip:

______Payment of $50: Please make checks payable to Christ Reformed Church at Indian Creek


______Tooth brush/toothpaste

______Shampoo, soap, deodorant (We’ll all appreciate it!)

______Cosmetics, hair supplies, razors, etc.

______Approved medications – please give to one of the leaders or advise leaders of special circumstances


______Sleeping bag OR warm blanket and sheets

______More than one pair of shoes (Shoes that can get dirty)

______Sleep wear (must be modest)

______Warm Clothes (and some that can get dirty)


______Water Bottle(s)

______Snacks to share




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