Dare2Share Live it Up 2016

Last minute opportunity to go to Dare2Share next Friday! (Spots are very limited)

If you are interested in going to this awesome event please text or call Zach Darrow (215-767-5753) or Christ Tawney (267-885-8289) as soon as possible!

This is an amazing event that will inspire your students, teaching them to share their faith in a simple and effective way while also giving them an opportunity to grow in their personal faith. I attended this event when I was a teenager, and it was truly inspiring and encouraging.

Here are the Details (Please read carefully):

Cost is $35 (however since this is last minute we can definitely work with anyone who needs financial help!)

This event is open to all students 7th grade and above (including friends) and to 6th grade students who have previously attended one our overnight trips or events. Don’t worry though — There will be plenty of events coming up this summer that 6th graders can participate in.

We will be leaving from Leidy’s Church (276 West Cherry Lane, Souderton, PA) at 12pm on Friday, April 15 and returning on Sunday morning April 17. Due to the fact that students will be required to miss school, I can if necessary provide an excuse letter for them to attend this event, which will be available at youth group starting this Sunday night.

A list of what to bring and other details will be provided in the coming days. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call me.  

The online form required for everyone participating in this event is available at this link:

Dare2Share Online Registration Form

Also you must bring this Christ Reformed Youth Permission Form:

Dare2Share Live it Up Permission Form

Check out the links below to find out more about this awesome conference!


2015 Fearless Conference

Christ Reformed Youth will be joining Immanuel Leidy’s Youth Group for Live it Up Tour in Washington, DC, which is presented by Dare2Share Ministries. Here students will discover that they’re unimaginably, unconditionally loved by the God of the universe and that will make them ready to embrace the mission before them, face the dangers around them, and unleash the power within them. Through deep worship, powerful training from the book of Ephesians, and life changing dramas along with thousands of other teenagers all across the nation, teens will hear about God’s radical love for them and then have the chance to share that love with others.

These two-day student training conferences are:

Captivating Experiences

The energy of thousands of students combined with powerful worship and high-impact training set the stage for a weekend unlike any other your group has experienced.

Spiritually Transforming

Your students are changed as they grab a hold of the gospel and share the message of hope with their friend. After witnessing the power of the gospel, they are energized about their faith and want to share it with others!

Ministry Accelerating

Excited students return home prepared to unleash the gospel within your own group and community. Many youth groups see an increase in new believers as well as deeper spiritual growth in their students as they integrate relational evangelism into their youth ministry.

Key features of this event:

Outreach During the Weekend

Putting what they are learning into practice is a key component of a Dare 2 Share weekend and is really the catalyst for transformation. By starting conversations with their friends, they are stepping out in faith and that’s where God and the power of His gospel are witnessed. We also build in time for your group to go out into the community to engage others with the love of Christ. After the Outreach Experience, students return excited and pumped up about their faith and their God, maybe for the first time in their lives.

Hands-on outreach is our favorite part of the Dare 2 Share training conference experience. Every year we see real and lasting transformation in students as they reach out with the gospel!

The Outreach Experience has 3 main goals: to give students hands-on opportunities to hone their faith sharing skills, to unleash students to become “doers of the Word, and not hearers only,” and to impact souls for Jesus.


Check out this site http://www.dare2share.org/live-it-up/ for more information about what students are going to be learning and doing at this event!

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